Our Story

Grove Cartel Brewing Company was founded in 2021.  The story isn’t anything ravish or amazing in our eyes, but the outcome has been more than we could have ever imagined.  Owner Jason Overcash purchased the property with the intentions of finding a tenant to rent it out.  Another local brewery was propositioned to come and look at the space and respectfully declined feeling the investment was risky.  Jason had a close friend who was a brewer, and a dang good one at that.  A normal date night dinner conversation turned into dreams, aspirations, and a great partnership…. the rest was history.

Meet Jason:  Owner of Grove Cartel. 

Jason had a vision for what he wanted to bring to the town of China Grove.   He envisioned class, family-friendly and fun all in one spot.  He was a police officer from the town and spent a large portion of his career in vice narcotics.  He always loved learning about the operations of cartels, obviously with his police background this was an area of interest and intrigue to him.  When the two owners were “throwing around names” for the business and looked up the definition of cartel, they thought that it was fitting, because they wanted to use as much local resources as possible, meeting that “cartel” definition.  From the time Jason was a young teenager, he enjoyed taking things that were “not the nicest” and making them look like the best thing on the market.  He started by flipping vehicles as a teenager, and that passion developed into flipping houses.  Once he had the opportunity to build a commercial business his passion exploded.  He is known for attention to detail, perfection and envisioning something aesthetic from something others see as a mere eye sore.  Once you visit our taproom, you will see the detail we are talking about such as penny floors in the bathroom, interior design, and eye-catching artwork by close friend and famous artist known as Abstract Dissent.

Meet Jonathan

Jonathan is the Brewmaster behind the brews you have come to love.  For many years Jonathan started as homebrewer who loved craft beers.  He spent countless hours perfecting his art in small batches before conquering microbrewing.  Jonathan is one of the most laid-back, easy-going people you will ever meet…which is the perfect match with Jason.  Jonathan absolutely loves and has a passion for brewing.  Jonathan says, “brewing is like an art…you either got it or you don’t” and we hate to pat ourselves on the back, but…he’s got it!  Jonathan is constantly thinking about new ideas, ways to improve and making sure he can deliver a consistent product.  His patience has proven to be a key contributor to what we proudly feel is “the best brew around.”  

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